Program (cheating and arousing the psychological impact on the student)

On Monday 28/3/1441 H. under the supervision of Dr. Magda Babiker. The guidance and concealing unit at the Faculty of Science and Arts in Ahad Rafidah did a program (cheating and arousing the psychological impact on the student) in the college theater, to a group students, numbering 31,and  was explained and clarified In order to achieve what the program aims to achieve, educating students about the correct Islamic education, this produces a conscious and self-monitoring generation that senses the supervision of God, activating the role of parents to get rid of this phenomenon and activating the role of the educational and psychological counselor in helping students to prepare for the exam and alleviate the anxiety caused by it. Dr. Ikhlas Ali presented that. The program ended with the interaction of students, represented in counseling and questions about the program.

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