college Council

Faculty Council

First: the organization of the Council


The organization of the Council

1 College Dr. Dean / Salma Abdullah Ghorabi - president
2 College and the College of d / names Farouk - Secretary of the Board
3 head of a department of English / Fatima Hamad Al Dosari - a member of the
4 head of a math / Department Fountains secretary Mohammed - member
5 Head of the Department of Computer Science - member

Second: The functions of the Board

1. Encourage the development of scientific research and coordination between the departments of the college or institute and to have it published.
2. proposal to appoint faculty members and teaching assistants, lecturers, seconded, and the assignment and promotions.
3. The proposal of the study plans or modified with coordination between departments.
4. propose the curricula and textbooks and references in college or institute sections after coordination between departments.
5. proposal exam dates and the development of private organizations have made.
6-proposal to the internal regulations in college or institute.
7. propose training plans and missions needed for college or institute.
8-proposal extracurricular activity for college plan.
9-deciding on student matters falling within its competence and guidance to the Council of the League but does not consider it.
10-transmits it to consider the mechanism of the University Council, or boss, or his deputy, or agents of the university, or the dean of the faculty of the study and an opinion.
11. recommending adoption of the strategic plan of the college in line with the strategic plan of the university.
12. recommending adoption of the strategy for scientific research in college-related research plan of the University.
13. recommending adoption of the general plan to apply for accreditation and quality faculty.
14-approval to develop acceptance and conversion from college controls and the coordination with the Admission and Registration.
15. approve the formation of committees from among its members.