The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, one of its assistants, was responsible for the establishment of all facilities and services for her staff. She was the pioneer in establishing a nursery for the care and care of her children through individual efforts. The Dean of the College was interested in supervising the establishment of the nursery and assigned one of the rooms to the care of their children during their period In order to solve the problem after the government nursery from the headquarters of the college, and to facilitate the process of communication of mothers with their children in the case of (infant - patient), similar to the provisions of general education. Develop a full conception of the establishment of the nursery according to the following:
Vision :
Create a supportive educational environment and effective community participation, and lead to continuous improvement within the educational institution.
the letter :
1. Provide stimulating and supportive services for faculty members.
2. Develop the spirit of cooperation and work as a team.
3. Sharing experiences and deepening the spirit of national belonging.

Future vision :
1. Provide the college with at least (3) rooms equipped to receive children according to the stages of education age.
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