Dean's word




We thank God and praise him and pray and to recognize the messenger Mustafa and his family and him .... After
Faculty of Arts and Sciences in one of Rafidah, a college of King Khalid University, founded in (1433/434 e) currently offers three programs in undergraduate Mathematics, Computer Science Alala- English) The first batch graduated college in 1436/437 AH
We aim at promoting the college in all areas to achieve the vision, mission and goals of King Khalid University, and the college is a tributary of science and knowledge, giving a distinct and creativity in the fields and specializations.
Seeks College Access to academic accreditation and raise the level of academic programs efficiency by employing cadres Arabia and attract outstanding graduates of the National Scholarship, as well as the college seeks to achieve diverse community partnership in community programs do not feces War society and realize their hopes and aspirations ...