Financial reward

Exchange mechanism

Distracted regular student financial Mkava regularity since the beginning until the end of the regular term for graduation.

Term systemic:

Computer Science (5) academic years - ten levels.
English (4) academic years - eight levels.
Mathematics (4) academic years - eight levels.

Cases where Almkavaeh does not distract the student

1. descent rate of about 2.
2. descent or the presence of warning for the student.
3. In the case of an apology or postponement.
4. In the event of a penalty on the applicant.
5. exceeded the statutory period for graduation.
6. withdrawal.

The amount Almkavaeh

Scientific disciplines (990) riyals.
Theoretical disciplines (840) riyals.

Mkavah excellence

Behaved during the study period for regular student taking place on a quarterly rate (4.50) and over two consecutive days.

Of (1000) Real.