Sun Training Workshop

A training workshop to introduce the Shams platform and how to enrich it with open educational resources

The e-learning Deanship at King Khalid University, with the support of the National Center for e-Learning and Distance Education, is pleased to announce the launch of a training workshop to introduce the Shams platform and how to enrich it with open educational resources directed to faculty members of both sexes.
Sun is an open source OER platform that seeks to enrich educational content, support education, and seek a sustainable pathway for partnership in design, improvement, maintenance and enhanced quality of digital educational content.
Objectives of the workshop:

Introducing faculty members with open educational resources in general and the Sun in particular.
The recognition of intellectual property licenses and the rights of creative communities, and the enrichment of the Shams platform with the educational resources open to educational institutions.
Steps to enrich Sun's platform with the scientific resources of educational institutions.
OE usage policies and Sun platform - use and development.
Workshop Details:

Content Language: Arabic
Time Period: Two days
Expected duration of the program: 12 hours
Program start date:
 For faculty members (males):
First bag: Thursday, 07 Sha'ban 1438 H corresponding to 4 May 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm.
Second bag: Thursday, 14 Sha'ban 1438 H corresponding to May 11, 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm.

For faculty members:
First bag: Wednesday, 13 Sha'aban 1438 H corresponding to 10 May 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm.
Second bag: Thursday, 14 Sha'ban 1438 H corresponding to May 11, 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm.
Training Method:
face to face. For men: Training Hall No. 86, Deanship of e-learning. For females: E-learning lab at the university center for female students in Alsamer.
Target Group: All faculty members (men and women) at King Khalid University.

Notes: Training Seats: 25 training seats. Both courses must be attended to the certificate of attendance.

To register: please fill out the following form

ورشة تدريبية لمنصة شمس

Abha, the capital of tourism in 2017

The College of Arts and Sciences Bohdrvidh for the establishment of a tourist trip (Abha, the capital of tourism in 2017) on Sunday, 20/6/1438 AH

)Together towards a healthy lifestyle (World Kidney Day

Under the auspices of King Khalid University (Faculty of Arts and Sciences in one of the Rafidah) awareness campaign will be held the World Kidney Day on Thursday, 17/06/1438 at H (5) the era of Assir Mall ..

Campaign stopped the rumor

Announces unit of student activity for the establishment of the college campaign stopped the rumor on Wednesday, 16/06/1438 e Faculty of Education for Girls in Abha

Honoring the most outstanding concert

Faculty of Science and Arts Bohdrvidh facilitated the establishment of honor students excelling ceremony will be held on Monday, 06/14/1438 AH and internal courtyard of the college

Student creations

Let's get to discover student talent (graphic-hair-drama-diction)
Student creations program under the supervision of a distinguished -bmsarh College at 10 am on Sunday, 13/6/1438 H.

Jobs for re


Announces Affairs Deanship of faculty and staff members of the university
The availability of a number of jobs teaching assistants available to citizens and citizens of the university faculties For wanting presentation who meet the conditions of entry and registration on the employment link online /

Orders will be received starting from Sunday 13/6/1438 e to end on Thursday, 24/6/1438 H.


World Day to defend semen hand in hand in 2017 for the prevention of risks

Under the supervision of the club volunteer Deanship of Student Affairs and the Agency for Dean for Students and Faculty of Science and Arts to one of Rafidah program resides (the International Day for the defense semen 2017 hand in hand for the prevention of risks) on Tuesday 06/08/1438 H Theatre College at 9:00.


Protect me for my self-Nebras

Department of Computer Science announces the establishment of the program (to protect me self beacon of my life) on Tuesday 08/06/1438 H theater faculty at 10.30 p.

the life is Nice

Club is pleased religious impact Dekotkm to attend the program (sweet life) of the mentor / Lamia judge on Monday, 07/06/1438 AH at nine in the morning the interior courtyard.


The College of Science and Arts, one of Rafidah - Tabah- clinic for the establishment of an awareness program (depression) with specialist nursing on Thursday, 06/03/1438 e workshop at 10:30 am.


Training course (teaching thinking skills)

Tomorrow Wednesday, 06/02/1438 AH will be held a training session workshop (teaching thinking skills) Tqdamhad / Badria Obouhasl member of the Faculty of Education, Department of Education-door and curricula

These universities

Program these universities on Sunday, 29/5/1438 AH theater college - at nine thirty in the morning under the supervision of all departments .


These universities - under the supervision of all categories - at nine and a half

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